Renting self-driving boat is a fabulous way for everyone to experience the pleasures and treasures of Mykonos, either you are looking for a party beach such as paradise or super paradise either you are looking to see the island in a different way by exploring the best hidden beaches in Mykonos such as Lia beach, Capari etc.
The company, which boasts years of experience during which it has established an excellent reputation for its professionalism as well as highly competitive rates, has several boats all of which are comfortable, safe and highly reliable.

The craft are fun and easy to sail and don't require a Captain's License. Especially designed for families, couples and groups for snorkeling,fishing, swimming and sightseeing, are 4,50 metres long with two engines, one 20hp Mercury and a second one which is supportive 3,50hp Mercury, can take from 1 to 5 person and they are constructed in 2016.

Most importantly, your safty is paramount. We are proud of is our experienced trainers who provide free training and instructions  to all our future captains, in the safe use of the boat as well as maps and information about where to go what to do .

If you have any questions about your seafaring adventure ,then give us a call or send us an email.We hope to see you soon on the beach and at sea!

Location:Ornos beach.
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